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Eco Culture Manufacturing™ (ECM) started in Palm Springs, California as the first domestic carbon neutral garment and accessories factory to become a member of the Coachella Valley iHub. ECM offers an alternative to the standard type of clothing and garment manufacturing. In addition to our sustainable manufacturing practices, we recycle, up-cycle or reuse ALL textile waste, making ECM a carbon-neutral business model. ECM is part of Carbon Free Product Certification, the first carbon-neutral label in the United States. In addition to sourcing ALL our textiles from sustainable mills certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), we also work exclusively with ECONYL yarn made with 100% regenerated yarns made from plastic water bottles, carpet, fishing nets, etc. Finally, ECM will be utilizing Trucost, Inc. in producing our Environmental Profit and Loss Report.

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Sustainable Garment Manufacturing Private Labeling and Product Development.

Eco Culture Manufacturing™ (ECM) utilizes solar energy for its power, gray water, and nanotechnology water filtration in our garment manufacturing processes. Our proprietary Eco SmarThread™ Technology and EPLC™ (EcoProductLifeCycle) Software in our garment production allows our consumer to have direct interaction with the life cycle of the products made at ECM.


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Eco SmarThread™

Eco SmarThread Technology utilizes Primo 1-d's RFID technology. The Eco SmarThread contains carbon footprint points (water consumption, electricity, fossil fuels, who made the garment, life cycle of recycled textiles (1st Generation, 2nd Generation), types of textiles, year/season of collection, and destination for recycling/reuse at ECM's Palm Springs location).

Eco Product LifeCycle™ Software

Database that works with ECM's Eco SmarThread technology to building customer profiles for use in the lifecycle of the garments from cradle to grave.

Gerber Technology

ECM's utilization of Gerber Technology's sophisticated software and hardware in our manufacturing processes assure quality, profitability, and faster market entry for our clients.

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Nima Pauline



Director of Quality Control


Corporate Administrator


Director of IT and Software


Director of Product Development


ECM’s Corporate Attorney
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Heart-Hunters Consulting


Managing Director
Coachella Valley Innovation Hub


President & CEO
of ITC-Diligence, Inc
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Coachella Valley iHub - The Palm Springs iHub is an incubator that provides programs, services, and incentives to start-up businesses focused on clean technology and renewable energy. One of 16 innovation hubs in California, the Palm Springs iHub offers qualified companies office space, a conference area, consulting, and administrative support to encourage their growth and success. Currently, businesses operate in the Palm Springs iHub, Palm Springs Accelerator Campus, or off site. The 43,000-square-foot Palm Springs Accelerator Campus, situated on a 3.5-acre lot in The Foreign Trade Zone at the Palm Springs International Airport, provides companies with access to the business support network of the iHub after they begin production and earn revenues.

Primo-1D -E-Thread® technology - Primo-1D was founded in August 2013. Headquartered at the heart of the (iHUB) Minatec Technology Campus in Grenoble France, the company offers solutions for embedding sparkles of intelligence in objects and materials using the E-Thread® technology, a yarn embarking electronic functions. ECM is utilizing Primo-1d base technology to create ECM's Eco SmarThread technology. ECM's products will feature embedded RFID capabilities from design to points of sale.

Demora Colours – Avani Colours of the Earth imbue a visual and tactile experience that articulates beauty through aesthetic and diverse hues, all derived from natural materials. The growing demand for green technologies spearheaded the use of tobacco leaves and stems as a source of organic (natural) colorants. It is becoming the forefront of textile dyeing. The natural colorants present in tobacco plants are valuable as a renewable source for textile dyes due to the high volume of raw materials now available for this process.

EcoNylon Textiles Italy - The innovative ECONYL® Regeneration System is based on sustainable chemistry. With this process, the Nylon contained in waste, such as carpets, clothing and fishing nets, is transformed back into raw material without any loss of quality.

Organizational Membership - Sustainable American Coalition - San Francisco, CA - The Sustainable Apparel Coalition is the apparel, footwear and home textile industry’s foremost alliance for sustainable production. The Coalition’s main focus is on building the Higg Index, a standardized supply chain measurement tool for all industry participants to understand the environmental and social and labor impacts of making and selling their products and services.

Organizational Membership - Trucost, Inc. New York - works with companies metrics for risk and opportunity to measure their natural resource dependency and environmental impacts in tonnes, cubic meters and hectares, they also apply a price to reflect local resource availability and environment costs providing an overarching analysis. Organizational Membership - - The Carbonfree® Product Certification is a meaningful, transparent way for ECM to provide environmentally-friendly, carbon neutral products to our customers. By determining a product’s carbon footprint, reducing it where possible and offsetting remaining emissions through our third-party validated carbon reduction projects.

Organizational Membership - SMART (Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles) - is the leading industry voice promoting high standards and best practices for reducing solid waste, by recycling textiles and related secondary materials. Members collect, reuse and “close the loop” by processing, converting and distributing these recyclables.


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